Sibirica launches new ventilated facades with hidden fasteners

Sibirica have launched in a production of ventilated wood cladding made of Siberian larch designed for German manufacturer of hidden fasteners TIGA.

With the flexibility to orientate vertically or horizontally, Sibirica TIGA Rhombus external cladding systems deliver a clean finish with consistently spaced shadow/join lines. Designed with a concealed clip lining system, clip fixing internal linings deliver outstanding performance and are a stylish, high quality cladding solution.

With great new design we have ensured a cost-effective, flexible and easy-to-install cladding, giving designers complete confidence that their designs can be fully realised. In an age when the competition to stand out is becoming increasingly intense, Sibirica TIGA Rhombus empowers designers and encourages them to be bold and independent.

Sibirica TIGA Rhombus is simple. Steel clips are supplied pre-indexed and riveted to a log according to your specifications, along with the specified material to go into the clips — all ready to be installed on-site.